The (ONE)athlete’s High

Sometimes you get it, sometimes you don’t. But once you’ve tried it you’re always craving for it, and the more the better. If you’re one of those who wakes up at 5am to get in a heart-pumping workout before heading to work, then you must know how satisfying and addictive that endorphin rush after a sweaty session can really kickstart your day.

Now the buzz junkies must be wondering: Is there any other way to get that same athlete’s high without working for it?

Nuyou (女友)magazine’s anchor feature of “Men We Love” (MWL) is back for its 2017 edition. Conceptualised in 2002 and in its 15th year running, the annual MWL feature introduces 25 men with desirable qualities, such as successful careers, well-balanced family lives, athleticism, good looks and personality. It is also a fantastic opportunity to introduce and showcase talented men from various walks of life who have stood out in their respective fields, and bring out a different (less known) side to their public persona.

ONEathlete is proud to have 3 of our athletes featured in Nuyou’s 2017 Men We Love – #10 Jonathan Chong, #15 Tan Yiru and #19 Mok  Ying Ren! Check out these behind-the-scenes (#BTS) sneaks and read on for more below!



(Top-left): Mok Ying Ren getting some tender care from the make-up artists; (Top-right): Jonathan Chong having fun in his own time; (Bottom): Tan Yiru trying out his personal favourite pose (Photo Credits: #ONEathlete)



Jonathan Chong, 25 

National Canoeist

Managed by ONEathlete







“(One of the craziest thing I did) was to pack my luggage in 7 minutes and spent 4 days on a small off-the-radar island with my friends.” – Jonathan Chong



Tan Yiru, 27 

National Hockey Player

Managed by ONEathlete






“Men tend to let their ego get in the way. That’s why I believe the game is about survival of the humble.” – Tan Yiru



Mok Ying Ren, 29 

Double SEA Games Gold Medallist & National Marathoner

Managed by ONEathlete





“For me, love is about patience. And with every passing day I find her more beautiful than ever before” – Mok Ying Ren



Photo credits:

  • Black/white photos from Nuyou (女友)magazine’s anchor feature of “Men We Love” (MWL) 2017.
  • Coloured photos from #ONEathlete.

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