National Marathoner Mok Begins ‘Lifetime Marathon’

Press Release


30 Dec 2017 – ONEathlete and National Marathoner Mok Ying Ren held his traditional wedding ceremony and michelin-starred luncheon banquet this afternoon, with his wife Belinda Ooi at the Regent Hotel. The Double SEA Games Gold Medallist struck another holistic gold. Family and their close friends were present on this joyous occasion to extend their blessings and well wishes, including school teachers, coaches, partner sponsors, as well as Belinda’s water polo teammates, friends from her alma mater and colleagues from the medical fraternity.

Being a national marathoner, Mok’s wedding theme was aptly set as the start of a ‘lifetime marathon’. Therefore, as a tribute to the brand partners’ unwavering support for Mok at each and every monumental milestone in his life, the gatecrashing ‘brothers’ were ceremoniously decked out in sponsors’ attires featuring ONE, New Balance, Oakley, Keypower Sports and 100 PLUS SG as they once again help Mok overcome the various ‘gate-crash’ hurdles to the dream of his life.


While the couple had initially preferred a cosy and quiet wedding ceremony, their minds were changed after seeing how many wanted to be present for their start of a new chapter in life. Mok and Bel also hoped this would be a fitting nod of grateful appreciation to those who have witnessed and helped them grow and mature throughout the years.

Mok and Belinda were clearly enjoying every moment together, mingling with the guests during the cocktail reception and sharing anecdotes over the years of friendship. The stage-shy Mok also overcame his fears and performed a magic trick said to have won him Belinda’s heart years ago.


Above: Hosts Jed (left) and Adeline (centre), warming the crowd before Mok prepares to work his magic on Bel; Bottom: Mok is blindfolded during his magic trick

To prepare for the wedding dance, Mok and Bel devoted time to 10 dance classes from Auntie Rosa (whom Mok knew for her sports massage skilled hands) & her husband. The couple has started this dance sessions as soon as SEA Games ended, amidst moving to their new homes and other wedding preps. For the couple who have been together for 4 years since their junior college days, this day couldn’t have come faster and it’s easy to understand why seeing the chemistry they share as they took to the dance floor. Fun-loving and always full of smiles, the wedding’s vibe was an extension of their personalities – lively, easy-going and classy.

39909232_unknown-1Mok and Bel performing their couple dance at the wedding

Although an all-star crowd was in attendance given Mok’s background in triathlon, cross-country and marathon running, including overseas friends who have had to work around their holiday schedules to attend the ceremony, they all candidly remarked it was refreshing to see Mok outside of his doctor’s garbs or running attire, testimony to Mok’s dedication and commitment to all that he does.

Mok pulled off a surprise, a wedding vow that was sincere and straight from his heart.

The couple also took this opportunity to appreciate and thank every person whom had impacted their life, the wedding brothers/sisters who supported them in this journey, family and all the well-wishers who took vast efforts to express their love for this couple!

Reflecting on what has been a long year culminating in this momentous occasion, Mok feels very blessed to have his friends and family present on this special day, because ‘‘their advice, support, camaraderie and gift of friendship is what gives me the strength to continue when I thought I couldn’t; they have also seen me grow and mature through the years as an athlete, just as Belinda has, and I have them to thank for who I am today.’

Here at runONE & ONEathlete, we wish Mok and Belinda a blessed marriage and many years of joy in their lifetime marathon ahead.

Author and Photo Copyright © 2017 ONEathlete. All reproduction and representations rights reserved. For queries pls email

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