ONEathlete Co-Founder Jed Senthil: Behind The (sports) Curtain

“They have so much stress from life, work and family. The least we can do is support them. We are in the business of understanding them and you have to love them by serving and supporting them” – Jed Senthil, Co-Founder ONEathlete

Behind every successful man is a supportive wife, but what about aspiring or successful athletes? What does it take for an athlete to be successful – is winning races sufficient, or was it ever? How does ONEathlete help our family of athletes so that they can focus on doing what they do best?

ONEathlete co-founder Jed Senthil shares his philosophy on supporting athletes as a team of, not merely racing machines, but friends who understand each other as dedicated professionals, the weight of their passion as well as the expectations and struggles of everyday life. Check out some snippet shots of ONEathlete family in action, or click on the links below to read more:

‘A Growing Market for Sports Agents’ – The Straits Times Sunday Times, 7 January 2017

‘Change bulbs, 3am calls, book flights… all just part of the job’ – The Straits Times Sunday Times, 7 January 2017

ONEathlete Co-Founders: (Left) Jed Senthil and (Right) 2-time SEA Games Marathon Gold Medalist Mok Ying Ren


ONEathlete Co-Founders Jed Senthil (2nd from right) and Mok Ying Ren (1st from left) catching up with athletes, national tennis player Shaheed Alam (2nd from left) and national badminton player  Ong Ren Ne (1st from right) 

ONEathlete Ong Ren Ne (left) getting ready for a photoshoot with Jed Senthil (right) putting on the finishing touches
ONEathlete out in force to support Dr. Ashley Liew (right) and Evan Chee (left) who came in 2nd and 3rd Local Men respectively at the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2017
ONEathlete family photo after the Straits Times Run 2017
ONEathlete in support of Community Chest Heartstrings Walk 2017 with Guest-of-Honour Mr. Tan Chuan Jin (centre), para-athlete Md Shariff Abdullah (1st from left), 15 year-old special needs Olympics 100m runner Shawn Goh (3rd from left) 
ONEathlete family at the inaugural Bangkok Midnight Marathon 2017 where Soh Hua Qun (1st from left) debuted at the marathon distance and Evan Chee (centre) finished as top Asian

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