Team Futuro trio ‘run the talk’ for SportCares

3M Team FUTURO™ Challenge Launch Event

19 January 2018 – Marathoner Mok Ying Ren was joined by national athletes, also managed by ONEathlete, Shaheed Alam (Tennis) and Ren-ne Ong (Badminton) at the launch of the 3M Team FUTURO™ Challenge – organized in collaboration with SAFRA EnergyOne and ActiveSG in support of SportCares Foundation.

The event, which was also covered by Straits Times and Run Singapore, was also the first appearance for the trio Team FUTURO™ Brand Ambassadors. Shaheed shared his excitement on his new role, “I am very much looking forward to this partnership with 3M futuro to give me that support as an athlete on and off the court. I believe with the support of Futuro, I will be able to continue pursuing my dreams without fear of injuries.”

Mok led the first wave of runners at the launch event this morning at SAFRA Toa Payoh’s EnergyOne Gym to complete a 5km run and raised, as part of the charity challenge, the first $10,000 for the SportCares Foundation. The initiative aims to reach out to members of the public to achieve a target collective distance of 2,000km and raise $30,000 worth of FUTURO™ products-in-kind to benefit underprivileged individuals and community groups.

The charity challenge also marked 3M FUTURO™ brand’s first national engagement to inspire the public to embrace the spirit of an active lifestyle. “It is one way we contribute to the community, in partnership with SAFRA EnergyOne and ActiveSG, as we help youths pursue their sports aspirations while empowering them to be respected members of society.” said Ms Claire Chiang, General Manager, 3M Consumer Business Group.

Speaking at the launch event, Mok alluded to the spirit of running for a social cause and relating it to his own experience. “Running for a cause is a great way to be involved and contribute to the larger sporting community. Be it busy professionals or parents for instance – we could try to do more with less, in our hectic lives. I try to commute by running to maximize the time for my training needs and residency programme. By running for a cause, this is a perfect way to multi-task and kill three birds with one stone! If you believe in contributing back to the sporting community, it’s an opportunity to ‘run the talk’. All while staying fit and healthy as an active individual!”

Ren-ne supported the call, “Giving back to the community through running is something everyone can do, be it athletes, the young or the elderly. Lace up and start running because nothing beats leading an active lifestyle and doing good!”

In addition to the 25 things you probably did not know about Mok, the national marathoner also shared about the unbeknownst challenges for developing athletes such as national tennis player Shaheed Alam and shuttler Ren-ne Ong. He talked about how the innate qualities which define the human endeavour, as embodied in athletes, also demonstrates the strength that can uplift an entire community. Through collaborative platforms bringing together like-minded partners like 3M FUTURO, ActiveSG and SportCares, ONEathlete is excited and honoured to play a part in inspiring and empowering a community of givers to support social causes and build a more inclusive and caring society.

“Behind every successful athlete there is always a team of tireless, selfless supporters. Similarly, the strength of our community lies in each and everyone of us, to aspire and inspire, and also do our part and reach out to support one another.” – Mok Ying Ren

Members of the public are invited to participate in the challenge at four SAFRA EnergyOne gyms from January 20 to February 4, 2018. They can also log their distances through the ActiveSG mobile app from January 29 to February 4, 2018. The full list of locations and counting mechanics is available upon request.

Adapted from press release by Huntington. For media enquiries and images, please contact:

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