25 Things You Did Not Know About Mok

National marathoner and ONEathlete Mok Ying Ren is an enigma. The 2-time SEA Games Gold medalist who holds a marathon personal best of 2:26:07 is a familiar friendly figure within the Singapore running community.

Yet there is an undeniable veil of mystique to national athletes who, like Mok, are capable of feats of physical incredulity that draws our breath in (editor’s note: In achieving his marathon PB, Mok was running an 8min 18sec 2.4km split, 17.5 times over). 

Mok Ying Ren at the recent launch of 3M Team FUTURO™ Challenge

Beyond that, Mok is also a triathlete, a doctor, husband and Singapore record holder and self-professed ice cream fanatic. The affable marathoner, who recently got married to the love of his life and started his ‘lifetime marathon’, gave a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse into the personal life of a national athlete. He candidly shares how he met his wife, and his number 1 idol!

All this and more, as shared with RunSociety during the recent launch of 3M Team Futuro™ Challenge. Read more

Futuro Mok
Click here for Runsociety’s 25 things you did not know about Mok!

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