He is no hulk, but you can run green with Banja!

Different people run for different reasons: some because they enjoy it, some because it makes them feel good, look good, keeps their complexion supple and refreshing. Others run for company, completion, or to relieve the stresses of living by feeling alive.

Returning for its 9th edition, for a worthy green cause, Income Eco Run 2018 is Southeast Asia’s premier eco-run which champions environmental conservation and aims to encourage everyone to participate in this event to show their pledge for green practices, and that all of us can, and have, a part to play in caring for our environment.

As part of ONE’s commitment to support meaningful causes for society and our environment, we are proud that Banjamin Quek, managed by ONEathlete, has partnered Income Eco Run 2018 as one of the event ambassadors. As a mechanical engineering graduate from NUS, Banjamin understands that engineered solutions are only as effective as the human heart and soul behind it. He strongly believes that if everyone understood the importance and played our part in caring for the environment, then as a community we would have a much bigger influence than any designed solution ever could.

The Run, originally known as NTUC Income RUN 350 and organised by Young NTUC, was first held in 2010 in Pulau Ubin with 1,000 runners participating for the eco cause. Over the years, the number of participants steadily grew to over 10,000 runners in 2017 with over 1,500 who opted in as zero-waste runners and saved a whopping 150kg of metal! This year, the race organisers hope to build upon their success in 2017 by bringing back the ‘zero-waste’ option for runners who wish to continue to do their part for the environment.


Banjamin Quek, Neil Humprey, and Baldwin Choy, the ambassadors for ECO Run 2018!

In case you’re still wondering how does being a zero-waste runner help our environment, check out what ONEathlete Banjamin Quek, defending local Men’s 10km champion at the Income Eco Run, has to say!

So what are you waiting for – Join Banjamin and other zero-waste runners and warriors at Income Eco Run 2018 on 29 April 2018! Registration for the 21km, 10km individual or team, 5km fun run are open now!

Sign up now with “ECOBANJA” to enjoy early bird rates while you can and we hope to see you there!


First published on Straits Times on 10 April 2018

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