Why Core Collective is not (just) a gym for you

Gym /dʒɪm/ noun – A place that provides specialized facilities to improve and maintain physical fitness and health.
03 Core Collective L21 Wellness Lounge View 2

The brainchild of Michelle Yong, director of the Aurum Group behind co-working space Collision 8, Core Collective is more than just a gym. A first-of-its-kind collaborative community space, Core Collective aims to change and re-define how we think about health and fitness. Fitness and wellness enthusiasts like you and me, who CC refers to as members, are placed at the center of a supportive community of like-minded health practitioners and wellness entrepreneurs. Through the Academy, these professionals (residents) will also provide education for members and other residents to expand their knowledge or even qualify to become practitioners of their own.

Instead of hot desks and conference rooms, you’ll find treatment beds and consultation rooms, a fully equipped gym with a functional training area, specialised studios for yoga and pilates, as well as a boxing ring for MMA training. You can learn ballet from instructor Evelyn Wong, pilates from Amy Van Dooremalen and Muay Thai from Vincent Chew. There are also physical therapy rooms and consultation spaces where you can engage resident doctors, nutritionists and therapists such as chiropractor Kevin Tomassini, physiotherapist Shern Lim and nutritionist Caoimhe M Smyth.

As a preview of what it has to offer, Core Collective organised a media preview and then a launch party on 23 March and it was a full-house event packed with fitness and wellness enthusiasts and representatives. And RunONE didn’t miss out on the fun!

What a turnout at the Core Collective media preview event on 23 March! Spot local celebrities Paul Foster and Liv Lo in the group! 

The launch started with a media-only ‘Treat & Train’ programme where in-house professionals offered their insights on chiropractic and nutrition advice, as well as training sessions conducted by trainers such as calisthenics, pilates and zuuga (a bodyweight exercise that combines yoga with intensive primal moves).

Core Collective founder, Michelle Yong, giving a warm welcome to the invited guests at the evening launch party! 

The event then kicked into a second gear as we headed into the evening, with the launch party hosted by Liv Lo. Core Collective founder, Michelle Yong, kicked off the night with a warm welcome to the guests before we were all treated to ring-side seats for the live boxing exhibition match, featuring 2018 Straits Times Athlete Of The Year nominee Muhamad Ridhwan. Amongst the guest were also former/current national water polo players and athletes!

We also got to sample a wide spread of healthy bites by Hic Juice, Do-sirak and Grain Traders amongst others, while checking out the gorgeously decked-out rest and recovery rooms. The evening ended on a high with a blacklight party where trainers guided us to ‘dance’ to aerobic moves, armed with luminous light sticks and 2 left foot (for most of us).

The Core Collective Team

Core Collective is equipped with a range of world-class fitness and wellness facilities. The space is decked out with a dash of modern yet playful chic, with neon-lit messages along corridor walkways that greet you with positive vibes that urge you to “make it count”. Although admittedly it could be a little hard to do so when you’re working the sprints on the indoor Astro Turf, with a sprawling full-length window view overlooking the CBD and expansive marina.

Just 3 minutes’ walk away from Tanjong Pagar MRT, Core Collective is officially open

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