ST: The greatest athlete I’ve seen is …

First published in The Straits Times on 08 May 2018

The Straits Times’s Rohit Brijnath asks our ONEathlete Ashley Liew about the greatest athlete that he has seen. What ensues is a very provocative yet fun,  opinion piece by our ST writing prodigy. Read more here!



The Greatest Athlete i've seen is
First published in The Straits Times on 08 May 2018


Excerpt: Ashley Liew, the marathoner, picked Wilson Kipsang, the former marathon world record holder, for in the Kenyan’s humility the Singaporean finds heroicness. Thrice Liew has met him and every meeting, he said, confirmed a generosity of spirit.

Once, after Liew finished a hard workout in Kenya, Kipsang drove by, stopped by the roadside, congratulated the Singaporean and the locals he was running with, and bought them a drink. “To this day,” wrote Liew, “I still root for Kipsang because of the values he lives by.” Read more here!


ONEathlete Ashley Liew with Wilson Kipsang


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