Media Response

21 Oct 2018 – We noted Soh’s allegations on a fellow national runner, Ashley Liew.

Soh is entitled to his opinions. We stand by our athlete, Ashley, and the decision by SNOC and the International Committee for Fairplay to nominate and confer Ashley the Fair Play Trophy award. Award recipients since it was introduced in 1965 include, amongst many established athletes, Olympians Abbey D’Agostino and Nikki Hamblin.

It is public knowledge that this is not the first time Soh has adopted a controversial and provocative stance towards fellow athletes. His actions speak contrary to his purported claims of professional camaraderie, teamwork and integrity. We firmly believe these values underpin the high standards of conduct expected, and deserving, of national athletes.

We also note that there is no material basis in Soh’s allegations that warrants any further comments. While it is anyone’s guess as to what Soh’s motives are, we choose to focus on our mission to help athletes focus on their development on and off the field, support meaningful social causes and bring national sports to a higher level. Soh’s actions are unhelpful at best, and spurious at worst.

We wish Soh all the best in his athletic pursuit.


ONEathlete Team

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