#ONE Management Sg 🇸🇬

The parent company of #runONE & #ONEathletethat seeks to be an enterprise that does social good. The co-founders @mokyingren & @jedsent are committed to make a difference, ONE step at a time! Check us out on @ONEmanagementsg

🏃🏽#runONE 🏃🏽‍♀️

Personalised coaching in a functional running ecosystem. The runners side of the house rallies members of the local running community together and promotes good health & fitness as a social good. It also does coaching/training to help everyday runners train like the elites. Strategic partnerships with prominent racing events are in that step!

🥇#ONEathlete 🥇

The athlete management side of the house represents and manages them for their sporting and commercial engagements. It boasts of both performing and developing athletes from our local sports scene! Http://runONE.co/ONEathlete