File_000Dr Mok Ying Ren @mokyingren 

Double SEA Games gold medallist in the triathlon (2007) and marathon (2013) events. Managed by ONEathlete. 

Mok graduated with a Bachelor in Medicine, Bachelor in Surgery (S’pore), and with Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh). He has been in the business of guiding runners – both recreational and competitive – for the past 5 years, through various means including practical clinics, lectures, writing columns and as a coach.  

There are two things that frustrate him, which led to him founding runONE with Jed. The first is the lack of low cost guidance for sedentary Singaporeans to begin in their journey in fitness. Leaving a newbie to scour through tons of information is unfair, and so is paying hundreds for a gym membership. After all, health should not come with a price tag. The second is seeing runners training using the wrong methodologies, resulting in them having a poor running experience. Running can be made more enjoyable and effective if every minute spent training is spent correctly.

Jed Senthil @jedsent 14359988_1153459731388068_1682773392073162752_n.jpg

Advocate for youths ● Educator & Actor ● Loves running and travelling 

Jed graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business. He has spent the last few years in various outfits in the social and social enterprise sectors, including a stint in the civil service to gain exposure and hone relevant skills. He was also motivated to reach out to youth through his acting journey with local television dramas, films and theatre productions.

Jed has always been passionate about all things Youth! This propelled him in his career, as well as his volunteering endeavours with National Youth Council (NYC). This led to an opportunity to be involved with the inaugural Youth Olympic Games – Culture and Education Programme and to rub shoulders with sporting giants. He eventually picked up running to keep fit and participated in major racing events. He completed his first marathon in Dec 2015.

Jed also volunteers with the SSEAYP International Singapore EXCO, SINDA Youth Club, & NYC’s Young Change Makers panel. He strongly believes in giving back to society meaningfully, ONE step at a time.