RunONE x BB Blaze 2019

Training Programme


RunONE Race Tips by @mokyingren

Read more on race preparations, hydration tips and the race do’s/dont’s

Week 13 / 8 Apr

Week 12 / 1 Apr

Week 11 / 25 Mar

Week 10 / 18 Mar

Week 9 / 11 Mar

Week 8 / 4 Mar

Week 7 / 25 Feb

Week 6 / 18 Feb

Week 5 / 11 Feb

Week 4 / 4 Feb

Week 3 / 28 Jan

Week 2 / 21 Jan

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Week 1 / 14 Jan 


  • At least one rest day between compulsory sessions
  • Optional training can be done over the weekend by the boy (OTOT)
  • Option to add 20-40mins on Mon/Wed for Strength Training
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3 Types of Runs

  • Easy Run: Able to have a conversation during the run (do NOT run too fast).
    • Instead, encourage running together and talking to one another!
    • Perhaps split into 2 groups. Do not make it competitive.
  • Hard Run: Able to only speak in words during the Run.
    • Warm up together for 10minutes.
    • Regroup, use a whistle to signal the start of the hard portion. Everyone runs at their own pace for the time given.
    • Once time is up, blow the whistle. Boys at the front U-turn and regroup.
    • When it is time to do the next set, everyone should start together and the cycle repeats.
  • Moderate Run: Able to speak in phrases.


12 Types of Strength Exercises 


Social Media CHALLENGE

As part of our efforts to keep the Boys motivated to pursue excellence in training for BB Blaze 2019, RunONE is sponsoring the prizes for the various social media contest that will run from now till race day!

  • Participants would need to follow RunONE‚Äôs Instagram / Facebook @ONEmanagementSG for the announcement of the contest mechanics! The first task will be released on 20 Jan 2019!
  • Participants are also encouraged to share the training lead up on their social media platforms (photo tag @ONEmanagementSG with hashtags #RunONExBBblaze2019 #RunONE #BBblaze2019 #_thcoy)! Points for your postings will be added to the above contests!

For all the below challenges, photo tag @ONEmanagementSG with hashtags #RunONExBBblaze2019 #RunONE #BBblaze2019 #_thcoy

  1. For #Challenge1 get yourself to a (running) start position with your team, take a game on picture and post with #RunONExBBblaze2019!! 
  2. For #Challenge2 take a boomerang on long runone day. Be running with your team, and post the video with #RunONExBBblaze2019!! 
  3. For #Challenge3 get creative with your best running poses with your team, take a photo to post with #RunONExBBblaze2019! 
  4. For #Challenge4 layout your race gears on the ground, and showcase your preparing process with your team’s “flat lay”, take a photo to post with #RunONExBBblaze2019! 
  5. For #Challenge5 find the most scenic backdrop and take a photo of your team while running on race day! Post the photo with #RunONExBBblaze2019!
  6. For #Challenge6 post any of your “in-action” team photos taken during (any of the activities on) race day! The photos are to be posted with #RunONExBBblaze2019!
  7. For #Challenge7
  8. Form the words “RUNONE” using only your BODY! You can enlist the help of as many of your BB company mates in this task! The photos are to be posted with #RunONExBBblaze2019!