(Sha)Hit at Davis Cup 2018!

Amidst efforts from the International Tennis Federation (ITF) to orchestrate a massive shake-up of the Davis Cup competition which will see the formation of an 18-nation World Cup of Tennis, Team Singapore’s Davis Cup 2018 campaign has already gotten off to a fantastic start with qualifier group pool matches that started on Jan 29 at the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex in Muscat, Oman.

TeamSG Tennis Contingent before departing for Davis Cup 2018 : (From Left to Right) Shaheed Alam, Roy Hobbs, Steve Ng and Jensen Hiu

Shaheed Alam, TeamSG tennis player managed by ONEathlete, is 19 years old and the youngest member of the TeamSG tennis contingent at Davis Cup 2018. He is joined by former top-ranked Singaporean tennis player 36-year old Jensen Hiu, as well as Roy Hobbs and Steve Ng. (trivia: Shaheed was born a year after Hiu made the first of his six Davis Cup appearances!)

In the final Group 3 promotion match against UAE, Hobbs defeated Abdulrahman Al Janahi 7-6 (7-5), 6-1 in the first singles match before UAE levelled the score with Fahad Janahi grinding out a 3-6, 7-5, 7-5 win over Shaheed Alam in a match that lasted 2hr 39 min. In the deciding doubles match, Jensen Hiu, making his return to competitive tennis 13 years after retirement, joined hands with Roy Hobbs to beat Fahad Janahi and Fares Al Janahi 6-2, 2-6, 6-3 in the decider to secure Team Singapore’s promotion to Group 3.

Singapore was last promoted to Group 3 in 2015 before suffering relegation a year later. In 2017, the men’s team stopped short of qualifying for promotion to Group 3 after losing the deciding doubles match in a play-off against Saudi Arabia.

TeamSG tennis player, Shaheed Alam, savouring a moment after a hard-earned Group 3 promotion in Davis Cup 2018.
Singapore Tennis Association deputy general manager Wilson Tay was encouraged by the results as it was a clear sign that younger players such as Shaheed, 19, and Steve Ng, 22, are maturing and improving and a positive development for Singapore tennis.

Photo courtesy of Sports SchoolShaheed, who was also recently awarded the Sports Achiever Award in recognition of his achievement from his alma mater, Singapore Sports School, was also very happy and pleased with his own effort and the progress the team has made in overcoming 2017’s setback, to achieve an all-time best world ranking of 90!

Shaheed has returned to Singapore and is currently working hard towards his next competition at the ITF Futures Singapore later in May, where he hopes to build on his earlier result as the first Singaporean male to win an ITF junior singles title and break into the ITF pro circuit!

Ashley Liew engaged at Tokyo (Marathon)!

 The 2018 edition of the Tokyo Marathon was held on Sunday, 25 February 2018, with a grand total of 320,794 applicants fighting for the 35,500 full marathon slots. One of the most popular World Marathon Majors and the only in Asia, Tokyo Marathon is well-known for its efficient and smooth organization as well as fantastic crowd support, not to mention the quality caliber of Japanese runners which translates into a steeped field and sweeping fast finishes.

This year’s race saw uncharacteristically cold temperatures on race morning, and along with a slightly revised race route, meant lots of uncertainty even for seasoned marathoners like Ashley Liew, one of Singapore’s top marathoner who finished 2nd at the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (SCSM) 2017 just 10 weeks ago.

Although this was an important season opener race for Ashley, he hasn’t had much time to prepare for it the way he would have liked, owing partly to his hectic work schedule.  Many an occasion he’s had to complete a 2 to 3-hour long run after work, which meant ending past midnight and then returning to his work the very next morning. Such is the discipline and commitment required of him, which Ashley feels is worth it because he’s realizing the true worth of the potential he has been blessed with.

Sandra (left) and Ashley (right) at the Tokyo Marathon Race Pack Expo

For Ashley, the crux of training is not just the sacrifices by the athlete, but also the family and friends who stood by his side and supported him over the months and years, and having it all boil down to under 3 hours come race day.

CNA SportsWorld Feature

Which is why it’s also fitting that on the evening of the Tokyo Marathon (25 Feb 2018), Ashley had the privilege of appearing on ChannelNewsAsia’s SportsWorld Weekend, where he candidly touched on his experience as a Singapore marathoner. Ashley recalled how his harrowingly close encounter at the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing was a grounding moment for him to ‘make the most of we have, right here right now, rather than waiting for tomorrow‘, particularly as he continues to walk the fine-line balancing work and training while working towards the 18th Asian Games later in August this year, as well as qualifying for the 2019 SEA Games.

Tokyo Marathon 2018

After nearly a decade of running, it was probably the culmination of these life experiences and stories, as well as the friendship ties and bonds, that carried him through the bad patches, such as when he was clipped at the 36km mark and suffered a bad hamstring cramp for the agonizing 6km remaining. Thankfully, he preserved and went on to complete his season-opening race in 2:41, over 9 minutes faster than his finish at SCSM 2017.

Sandra and Ashley sharing a joyous moment together after he completed the Tokyo Marathon in 2:41:41 (official nett time)

#AshandSandra Engagement

Ashley’s no. 1 supporter and then-girlfriend, Sandra, also flew over to Tokyo to accompany Ashley for this race and assist with pre-race preparation and arrangements so that Ashley could focus on what he needed to do. Having his loved one be there with him, for him, meant a lot to Ashley and he feels that her presence and support in many ways underscores what his athletic pursuit embodies – his passion and priorities in life. This is perhaps one of the many reasons that urged Ashley to commit to a lifetime together and propose to Sandra on this trip! The couple were on Mount Fuji, and in cloud nine, no less!

And Sandra said YES!

From us here at runONE and ONEathlete, we extend our heartiest congratulations to Sandra and Ashley, and wishing you both a blessed beginning to the next chapter in your lives together, and Godspeed Ashley, as you train towards the upcoming 18th Asian Games!

He is no hulk, but you can run green with Banja!

Different people run for different reasons: some because they enjoy it, some because it makes them feel good, look good, keeps their complexion supple and refreshing. Others run for company, completion, or to relieve the stresses of living by feeling alive.

Returning for its 9th edition, for a worthy green cause, Income Eco Run 2018 is Southeast Asia’s premier eco-run which champions environmental conservation and aims to encourage everyone to participate in this event to show their pledge for green practices, and that all of us can, and have, a part to play in caring for our environment.

As part of ONE’s commitment to support meaningful causes for society and our environment, we are proud that Banjamin Quek, managed by ONEathlete, has partnered Income Eco Run 2018 as one of the event ambassadors. As a mechanical engineering graduate from NUS, Banjamin understands that engineered solutions are only as effective as the human heart and soul behind it. He strongly believes that if everyone understood the importance and played our part in caring for the environment, then as a community we would have a much bigger influence than any designed solution ever could.

The Run, originally known as NTUC Income RUN 350 and organised by Young NTUC, was first held in 2010 in Pulau Ubin with 1,000 runners participating for the eco cause. Over the years, the number of participants steadily grew to over 10,000 runners in 2017 with over 1,500 who opted in as zero-waste runners and saved a whopping 150kg of metal! This year, the race organisers hope to build upon their success in 2017 by bringing back the ‘zero-waste’ option for runners who wish to continue to do their part for the environment.


Banjamin Quek, Neil Humprey, and Baldwin Choy, the ambassadors for ECO Run 2018!

In case you’re still wondering how does being a zero-waste runner help our environment, check out what ONEathlete Banjamin Quek, defending local Men’s 10km champion at the Income Eco Run, has to say!

So what are you waiting for – Join Banjamin and other zero-waste runners and warriors at Income Eco Run 2018 on 29 April 2018! Registration for the 21km, 10km individual or team, 5km fun run are open now!

Sign up now with “ECOBANJA” to enjoy early bird rates while you can and we hope to see you there!

Take part in APSN Charity Virtual Run 2018 by 15 Mar!

As a social enterprise who believes strongly in giving back to the community and supporting efforts towards fostering a caring and supportive society, we at RunONE & ONEathlete have been encouraged by the hearty responses from our partners and beneficiaries following the success of NCSS’s Community Chest Heartstrings Walk 2017 and TOUCH’s Run & Raisins!

In addition, supporting our athletes and the local athletic community through the work we do at ONE, we are also always on a keen lookout for opportunities and platforms to support like-minded outreach partners that encourages and ennobles societal participation and co-creation, through the empowering spirit of sports.

From 1 Feb – 15 Mar 2018, ONE is proud to be partnering Association for People with Special Needs (APSN) who is organising the APSN Charity Virtual Run 2018 for the public to support persons with special needs to lead full and independent lives, via running to raise funds. Besides being an opportunity for participants to push the boundaries of their abilities and step out of their comfort zone, the event also aims to raise funds to support persons with special needs, challenge participants to step out of their personal comfort zone and in the process raise awareness of APSN’s cause for mild intellectual disability. 100% of event proceeds will go towards developing training and programs provided by APSN, to improve the lives of over 5,000 APSN beneficiaries and alumni.

Race registration has already started and runners stand to win attractive prizes so click here to find out more!

Another major full factor for this event is being able to take part in this event by running at any place, any time of your choice. Imagine not having to wake up at 3am to catch the race shuttle at 4am… So besides working out for a charitable cause, we really hope that this event can also help encourage some of you to kickstart an active lifestyle and start clocking the distance to do good for yourself as well as the community.

To show our commitment to this event, 6 athletes from #ONEathlete have already taken part by sharing their running shots and routes on Strava so do keep a lookout, or check out their Instagram handles below for inspiration!

Dear fellow runners and friends, @apsn.sg (Association for Persons with Special Needs) is organizing the APSN Charity Virtual Run 2018 from 1 to 28 February 2018, open to all members of the public. ・ WHAT ・ Funds raised will be channeled into improving training programmes and educational services provided by APSN, as well as reach over 5,000 beneficiaries and alumni across APSN’s four schools and centre. ・ WHY ・ To raise funds to support persons with special needs and to raise awareness of APSN’s cause for intellectual disability. Having personally volunteered at APSN before, it gives special meaning to give back once again, especially since I have been blessed in so many ways as a national athlete. By supporting the run, I hope the community will be able to celebrate the ability in individuals with disability, as well as empower them to lead fulfilling lives. ・ HOW ・ Step 1: Register for an account on www.apsn.give.asia/vr2018 and contribute $30. Step 2: Run, log your distance, time, and date on a running app. Step 3: Submit your best attempt before 28 Feb, 2359hours at the following link: https://goo.gl/forms/FTRcdL2vg9rQ4wcA3 ・ Stand a chance to win prizes (eg. Apple iPhone X etc.). Find out more at http://www.apsn.org.sg/charityvr2018/. Together, we can push our limits to support persons with special needs. Thank you! ・ #ONEathlete #RunONE #APSNSG #APSNcharityVR18

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Hello there RUNNERS and FRIENDS, @apsn.sg is organising the APSN Charity Virtual Run 2018 for the public to impact the lives of people with special needs, via running to raise funds. Thought that it is really meaningful to empower the less fortunate through sports and therefore, @onemanagementsg and I are fully supporting this cause. And you can do your part too! ・ WHAT ・ Funds raised will be channelled into improving training programmes and educational services provided by APSN, and reach over 5,000 beneficiaries and alumni across our four Schools and Centre. ・ WHY ・ To raise funds to support people with special needs and to raise awareness of APSN’s cause for mild intellectual disability. ・ HOW ・ Step 1: Register for an account and on www.apsn.give.asia/vr2018. Step 2: Run! Log your distance, time and date on a running app. Step 3: Submit your best attempt before 28 Feb, 2359hours at the following link: https://goo.gl/forms/FTRcdL2vg9rQ4wcA3 ・ Stand a chance to win prizes (eg. iPhone X etc). Find out more by clicking on my link in bio! Together, let us support persons with special needs to lead full and independent lives 🙏🏼😊. Thank you! 🌈🌞❤🏃🏻💛💚💙💜 Credits: @sarahhyorin #ONEathlete #RunONE #apsnsg #apsncharityvr18

A post shared by Banjamin Quek (郭威见) (@banjasaurus) on

🌈🌞❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Hello fellow RUNNERS and FRIENDS, APSN (@apsn.sg) is organising the APSN Charity Virtual Run 2018 for the public to impact the lives of persons with special needs, via running to raise funds. ・ WHAT ・ Funds raised will be channelled into improving training programmes and educational services provided by APSN, and reach over 5,000 beneficiaries and alumni across our four Schools and Centre. ・ WHY ・ To raise funds to support persons with special needs and to raise awareness of APSN’s cause for mild intellectual disability. ・ HOW ・ Step 1: Register for an account and on www.apsn.give.asia/vr2018. Step 2: Run! Log your distance, time and date on a running app. Step 3: Submit your best attempt before 28 Feb, 2359hours at the following link: https://goo.gl/forms/FTRcdL2vg9rQ4wcA3 ・ Stand a chance to win prizes (eg. iPhone X etc). Find out more by clicking on my link in bio! Together, let us support persons with special needs to lead full and independent lives 🙏🏼😊. Thank you! ・ ・ #ONEathlete #RunONE #apsnsg #apsncharityvr18

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Hello fellow RUNNERS and FRIENDS, APSN is organising the APSN Charity Virtual Run 2018 for the public to impact the lives of persons with special needs, via running to raise funds. ・ WHAT ・ Funds raised will be channelled into improving training programmes and educational services provided by APSN, and reach over 5,000 beneficiaries and alumni across our four Schools and Centre. ・ WHY ・ To raise funds to support persons with special needs and to raise awareness of APSN’s cause for mild intellectual disability. ・ HOW ・ Step 1: Register for an account and on www.apsn.give.asia/vr2018. Step 2: Run! Log your distance, time and date on a running app. Step 3: Submit your best attempt before 28 Feb, 2359hours at the following link: https://goo.gl/forms/FTRcdL2vg9rQ4wcA3 ・ Stand a chance to win prizes (eg. iPhone X etc). Together, let us support persons with special needs to lead full and independent lives. ・ ・ #ONEathlete #RunONE #apsnsg #apsncharityvr18

A post shared by Ben Moreau (@ben_moreau) on

🌈🌞❤🧡💛💚💙💜 Hola fellow RUNNERS and FRIENDS, Association for Persons with Special Needs @apsn.sg is organising the APSN Charity Virtual Run 2018 for the public to impact the lives of persons with special needs, via running to raise funds. Additionally, there's some seriously sweet prizes up you could earn too.. especially if one clocks up 20km! (I wish I had such incentives too haha!!) Find out more by following the link in my bio! ・ WHAT ・ Funds raised will be channelled into improving training programmes and educational services provided by APSN, and reach over 5,000 beneficiaries and alumni across our four Schools and Centre. ・ WHY ・ To raise funds to support persons with special needs and to raise awareness of APSN’s cause for mild intellectual disability. ・ HOW ・ Step 1: Register for an account and on www.apsn.give.asia/vr2018. Step 2: Run! Log your distance, time and date on a running app. Step 3: Submit your best attempt before 28 Feb, 2359hours at the following link: https://goo.gl/forms/FTRcdL2vg9rQ4wcA3 ・ Together, let us support persons with special needs to lead full and independent lives 🙏🏼😊. (and enjoy challenging ourselves on the run!) Thank you! ・ ・ #ONEathlete #RunONE #apsnsg #apsncharityvr18

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Double Happiness for ONEathlete runners at Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2017

Press Release for SCSM 2017

3 Dec 2017 – Pierre de Coubertin World Fair Play Trophy Winner Ashley Liew and fellow Flexifitness teammate Evan Chee (both managed by ONEathlete) finished as 2nd and 3rd Singaporean male respectively at the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (SCSM) 2017 which also doubled up as the first Singapore National Championships marathon race.

1st runner-up Ashley Liew (right) and 2nd runner-up Evan Chee (left) together with their Team Flexifitness coach and reigning Singapore marathon national record holder M. Rameshon (centre)

1st runner-up Ashley Liew (right) and 2nd runner-up Evan Chee (left) together with their Team Flexifitness coach and reigning Singapore marathon national record holder M. Rameshon (centre).

In the Open category the Kenyans once again completed a podium sweep with Cosmas Kimutai winning the Men’s race in 2:22:48 while Pamela Rotich was crowned the women’s champion with a time of 2:38:31.

Reigning SEA Games marathon champion Soh Rui Yong was the first local Men to cross the line and was crowned Singapore’s first national champion finishing in 2:35:55. Rachel See won the accolade in the local Women’s race with a timing of 3:11:08 (unofficial).

Ashley Liew, the latest Singapore elite marathoner to join ONEathlete few weeks ago, finished with a timing of 2:50:21. While Evan Chee, wrapped up his 4th and final marathon race for 2017 (following Tokyo, Bangkok, Berlin) finishing in 2:54:38 on a humid but relatively cool and overcast December morning where the skies even looked threatening atone point during the race.


Ashley and Evan on the podium with SCSM 2017 local Men champion, Rui Yong, at the SCSM 2017 Prize Presentation.

I had to balance high mileage run training with serving patients six days a week as a Doctor of Chiropractic at Family Health Chiropractic Clinic. In addition, it is never easy racing under the heat and humidity in Singapore. Overall, I’m thankful to my coach, Mr Rameshon, Flexifitness teammates, my encouraging girlfriend Sandra, my father who ran the 10km today, my supportive sponsor Asics and my management agency ONEathlete. I couldn’t have asked for more than to be taking part and racing among the very talented field today” – said Ashley Liew after completing his 28th Marathon today.

“Having raced 3 marathons earlier this year with the last being Berlin marathon just 9 weeks ago, my goals this morning had to be conservative and realistic much as I would have wanted to give it my all once the gun went off. Congratulations to Ashley who ran a superb race as well as all the runners who helped made this event a wonderful experience! It has been a fulfilling year of racing and travelling and I am looking forward to catching up with family and friends over this festive season” – Evan Chee

Also taking part in SCSM this morning were members of runONE & ONEathlete family. They enjoyed this year’s revised route, revelling in the running community’s camaraderie and taking turns to cheer fellow runners along the route.

While Mok had to give SCSM 2017 a miss due to his upcoming wedding banquet preparations. However, he turned up on race morning with a bright smile, this time as a supporter to give back the kind words and support he has received from the running community as well as family and friends all these years. Mok’s wife Belinda completed her 10km run while his sister, Mok Ying Rong, came in 2nd in the local Women’s marathon category.

Leading up to SCSM 2017, Mok also continued doing what he believed in, supporting fellow runners through his #RunwithMok 15-week training programme as part of a RunONE x Straits Times column which advocates getting active as a healthy lifestyle and also provides running tips such as injury prevention. Mok also provided hydration tips and strategies through his social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, having experienced first-hand the importance of hydration in the days before, and during, important races.

(left to right): Ashley and Evan with the RunONE & ONEathlete Co-founders; Mok with Belinda after her 10km race; Mok Ying Rong receiving her 1st runner-up prize

The 16th edition of Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon, which started in 1982 and has evolved into a marquee event for Singapore running, saw 48,000 enthusiastic participants in what is likely one of the biggest turnout in recent times. This year’s marathon also incorporated new ‘heritage’ routes and entertainment points, allowing runners to enjoy a historic cultural journey through Singapore as they race past Little India, iconic heritage sites such as Chinatown, Malay Heritage area and the city centre before ending at the Padang.


Ashley (left, in light blue) and Evan (right, in maroon) sharing a light-hearted moment with fellow runners before the gun goes off

SAA President Ho Mun Cheong, had earlier alluded to the partnership between SAA and SCSM organiser, Ironman Asia, as raising the level of competitive distance running in Singapore by giving top Singapore runners a chance to compete amongst the elites at the region’s only IAAF Gold Label race. Mr. Ho’s sentiments was echoed by Mok Ying Ren, one of Singapore’s top marathoners and seven-time SCSM Singapore Men’s champion, who was confident the partnership would resonate with competitive runners in Singapore and also offer opportunities for a finer display of local sportsmanship as well as groom future young running talents. The partnership between SAA and Ironman Asia will last 2 years until 2018.

(all photo credits: ONEathlete)

For any queries, kindly email jed@onemanagement.sg

Stars and Crescent Shine for Debutant Benjamin Ooi at 2017 Ironman World Championships

Press Release for IRONMAN World Championship – Benjamin Ooi

KONA, HAWAII – 24 year-old SMU student triathlete, Benjamin Ooi, had an amazing debut at the IRONMAN World Championship in Kona, Hawaii, and also his first ironman-distance event (3.9km swim, 180km bike and 42.2km marathon) to finish as top Singaporean male in an overall time of 10 hours 34 mins.

Joining Ben is also multiple Kona-qualifier and one of Singapore’s best female triathlete Choo Ling Er, who finished in 10 hours 32 mins.

As an ex SMU Aquathlon captain and water polo player, Ben was introduced to triathlon 2 years ago as a way of keeping fit for his annual army physical proficiency test (IPPT). Within that short span of time, Ben has gone from learning to ride a bike to racing the very best at the IRONMAN World Championship, a qualifications-only holy grail of triathlons.

Race Morning

The day started positively as the age group athletes were flagged off in waves after the Pro Men’s and Women’s race began at 6:35am. Ben showed his pedigree and water polo background, exiting the 3.9km swim in just over 62 mins along with a large pack of race-eager age groupers vying for position.                                                 

Heading into transition 1, Ben knew that he was the first Singaporean out of the water and stood a good chance. After coming in 2nd at his Kona-qualifying Hefei 70.3 race last October (which also happened to be his first ever 70.3 race), Ben had dedicated the past year getting ready for Kona. He even brought his bike along for his 4-month overseas exchange programme in Sao Paulo, Brazil (as part of his overseas exchange programme), so that training can continue uninterrupted. It shows the dedication and commitment he has in his pursuit of the sport.

Biking Through The Lava Fields

On the bike heading out to Hawi, the punishing headwinds and crosswinds were unforgiving and many athletes, including Ben, were starting to feel the effort. Uncharacteristically, Ben had to work hard to keep his focus just 40km into the bike. Perhaps the nerves were getting to this Kona debutante. 

Although Ben had clocked training rides as long as 160km, his packed academic schedule and congested roads in Singapore had conspired for a less-than-ideal prep on the bike. Ben had to reassure himself he had the legs just as the scorching lava fields were sapping his energy. Working through his hydration and fueling provided some mental respite as Ben tackled the elements and his inner monsters.

As is always, the return leg from the turnaround at Hawi, and then the last 50km, is where the damage is done as stronger riders start to pile on the pressure  before entering transition 2. With big gaps slowly opening up, Ben once again found himself stranded in no man’s land, mentally and physically, as he inched back towards transition. It was going to be a long day in office.

The Final Stretch

Once off the bike, Ben knew that he had his work cut out for him on the run. The abnormally hot weather at this year’s race, with temperatures reaching 40 degrees at the Energy Lab, had turned the run into a game of survival. Back on the tarmac in his running shoes, Ben felt the punishing 180km bike in his brick-like legs where every step felt heavy as lead. He made quick work to follow a group of strong runners as he settled into a strong pace. The race was approaching noon at this point, the unforgiving sun and heat giving running in Kona its infamous nickname – the ‘Ironman shuffle’.

Ben had flown into Hawaii earlier to acclimatize to the heat and humidity. His 20-hour training weeks, with runs that end as late as 1pm in Singapore and Sao Paulo, had also prepared him to face the tough and hot Kona. As a time crunched student-triathlete, Ben was always trodding a fine line between school, training, and the crucial 4th discipline of triathlon – recovery. Despite that, Ben professes it was not the allure of outgunning his competitors but bettering himself that drove him to this sport, and eventually led him to Kona.

“As an athlete, and in life, success is a matter of discipline and habit. Day in and day out, the open-ended challenge to better myself continues. I trusted my training and a little common sense to take me through the unknown come race day. Sometimes things don’t go flowingly, but I know my efforts have still made me a better athlete.

Shortly after the 21km mark, Ben still managed to stick together with the group as they try to conserve energy, mentally and physically, for the second half of the marathon and the Energy Lab –  an infamous 5-km stretch of heat and destitute. At the 28km mark, runners turn off the Queen K highway to complete a loop around the Lab and when they leave, they’re rarely the same. At this point, Ben knows it’s about finishing the run before it finishes you. He digs deep and knows that he must hurry, but more haste can mean less speed too. It’s a high-wire act of energy management in the last 10km, one that he has trained and rehearsed for the past year.

Finishing Down Ali’i Drive

As the Sun begins its gentle descent, Ben  finds the second wind he’s been searching the whole day. Covering the last 3km at 4:10min/km pace and with a final right turn down Ali’i Drive towards the coveted finish, Ben was greeted by his sister, Belinda Ooi, as well as brother-in-law and national marathoner ONEathlete Mok Ying Ren. Both of them had turned up to lend their fullest support for Ben’s Kona debut, providing valuable support as family and also professional advice as athlete, physiotherapist and doctor in company.

Ben is looking forward to enjoy the remaining of his vacation on the tropical sunny Hawaiian paradise before working towards a local race come year end, for a gratifying finish to what has been a long training season for him.


“Competing with the best here at Kona has given me an appreciation of the possibilities ahead. Very honoured to have raced with this bunch of dedicated triathletes. Last but not least, I’m unspeakably grateful to the throngs of supporters who lined the streets and livened up the race atmosphere, as well as to have had my family here cheering me on, and throughout the lengthy lead-up to this day!”

Benjamin will like to put on record his deep appreciation to his family and friends, as well as ONEathlete, whose unwavering support over the past year made today’s result possible.

For further enquiries, kindly email jed@onemanagement.sg. Thank you.

Singaporeans Hungry for Success at Berlin Marathon 2017

Press Release for Berlin Marathon 2017 – Evan Chee (PB 2:42:18)



Berlin 24 Sep 2017 – The sun was nowhere to be seen on this cold Berlin morning of the last Sunday in September. Yet more than 43,000 participants from 137 countries, including 106 Singaporeans, had converged onto Brandenburg Gate ready to conquer the 44th edition of the BMW-Berlin Marathon.


This year’s Berlin marathon had also attracted plenty of pre-race hype focused on a battle between the ‘big three’ of Eluid Kipchoge, Wilson Kipsang, Kenenisa Bekele which could lead to a new marathon World Record under 2:02:57. Eventually, Eluid Kipchoge would go on to take the win in a time of 2:03:32, finishing 14 seconds ahead of Ethiopian Guye Andola, a half-marathon specialist (personal best 59:07) who finished with the world’s fastest marathon debut besting Dennis Kimetto’s debutante record of 2:04:16 set in 2012.


As in previous years, the Singapore embassy in Berlin hosted a lunch reception for Singaporeans participating in the Berlin marathon. Known for its fast course and iconic finish under the historic Brandenburg gate, the Berlin race is hugely popular amongst Singaporean marathoners, new and experienced alike. Leading this year’s representation are prolific elite athletes, like 2015 SEA Games national runner Melvin Wong, who is competing in his first Berlin Marathon, as well as Evan Chee, who is managed by ONEathlete and trains with Flexifitness under Singapore’s national marathon record holder M. Rameshon.



ONEathlete, Evan Chee, 35 at the iconic Brandenburg gate.


Remarkably, this is Evan’s 3rd marathon in 2017, having set his personal best of 2:45 at the Tokyo Marathon in Feb before finishing 4th (and as Top Asian) at the Bangkok Midnight Marathon. 2017 has been a punishing race calendar for him who has had to frequently travel overseas for business, but Evan seems to be taking it in his stride. Because of the unpredictability of overseas run routes and travel schedules, gym treadmills became his training partner of choice. Prior to Berlin, Evan frequently clocked treadmill runs of up to 30km, which honed his mental focus as much as it did his fitness.


On race morning, the heavy rain before the start made for a very wet and humid race with slippery road conditions. The surprising chill took a lot of Singaporean runners by surprise; many were aiming for fast timings and personal bests, but were not adequately acclimatized to take full advantage of the race conditions.


“I am happy that my race went well despite the heavy rain and wet conditions. It was a fantastic experience being here and celebrating the togetherness of international marathoning with my participation. I also had my own fanboy moments watching 3 of the very best marathoners in history battle it out today, so it was very inspiring and enjoyable experience for me, and many of the Singaporean runners as well.”



Evan Chee in red pulling through the chilly weather.



Coming off months of hectic business travel, a new work environment, and a 3rd-place hard-fought finish at the POSB Passion Kids Run 10km race just 2 weeks before Berlin Marathon, Evan had set himself realistic targets heading into this race. Evan also caught up with Matthias Hoffman, a Hong Kong-based German runner and fellow Adidas athlete who most recently came in 3rd at the Sundown marathon in Singapore.




Having a running group for the first half of the punishing race helped Evan stay focused on the task at hand. Crossing the halfway mark in just under 1:20, Evan quickly realised he was on track for a sub 2:40 finish and set his sights on that target  despite losing touch with the group he had been following. That he was sharing the same course with the marathon greats, and quite possibly partake in marathoning history, gave Evan the mental edge to overcome rough patches when he was alone during the punishing second half of the race. Towards the final kilometre or two, Evan pulled away to finish strong in a timing of 2:42:18, lowering his personal best (set just 6 months ago) by over 3 minutes!


With another personal best in his bag, Evan is looking forward to enjoy the remaining of his stay in Berlin before working towards his fourth and last marathon for the year, the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon in December 2017.


Wasnt exactly the most ideal weather conditions ☔️ at Berlin Marathon this year but it is definitely a good learning experience on handling wet cold race 😄. ・ 1st half of the race went by quickly & comfortably in 1h19min by sticking with a sub 2h40m group and was hopeful for a similar 2nd half run. Alas had some untimely issue with the non-waterproof laser printed bib & broke off from the run group. Thankful & happy to eventually finish with a new PB time of 2h42min18s 🙏🏼. ・ Congrats & nice run to Nicholas, fellow #teamflexi Andreas (@icyandi), Desmond, Jennifer (@queen43m), Felicia, fellow #adidasathlete Matt (@matt_the_hoff), Melvin (@melvinwongyh) and all who ran today 😄! ・ Also thank you to all the support from @flexifitnessconsultancy (Coach Rameshon & all team mates), @runoneapp and also @adidas_sg. ・ https://runone.co/2017/09/25/singaporeans-hungry-for-success-at-berlin-marathon-2017/ ・ #adidassg #adidasberlin #adidasrunning #adidasrunners #flexifitness #runONE #ONEathlete #fitspo #runner #runsg #justrunnn #sgfitfam #runnersofinstagram #instarunner #sgrunners #justrunlah #runsociety #evantravelruns #takechargeberlin #berlinmarathon2017 #beatberlin42

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As mentioned on his social media, Evan will like to put on record his deep appreciation to his coach, M. Rameshon, and training mates from Flexifitness, as well as his supporting sponsors, Adidas and ONEathlete, whose unwavering support was key in making today’s results possible.


For more information and enquiries, kindly email jed@onemanagement.sg 

ONEathlete Marathoners join hands with ‘Blade Runner’ and Special Olympics 100m Dash runner at Heartstrings Walk 2017

SINGAPORE – This morning’s Community Chest Heartstrings Walk saw close to 8,000 participants, including members of the public, social service organisations and corporate partners who came together to provide opportunities for meaningful interaction among persons with different abilities. It also aimed to show how every person can be empowered to self-advocate, be self-reliant and give back to the community. This year, an increased number of beneficiaries, including persons with disabilities, seniors and youth-at-risk stepped up at the event to volunteer in various roles, such as teaching other participants how to play inclusive games and facilitate interaction.




Athletes with different abilities also joined in to exchange sporting tips with event participants. Prolific marathoners (managed by #ONEathlete, a social enterprise), Evan Chee (4th in Singapore Marathon 2016) and Ben Moreau (Commonwealth Games participant, based in Singapore) as well as Md Shariff Abdullah, a para-athlete (affectionately known as “Blade Runner”) with a prosthetic leg, took part in the Fun Walk.


They walked alongside 15-year-old Shawn Goh, a special needs student from MINDS Towner Gardens School who participated in the 100m dash at the Special Olympics this year. Diagnosed with a congenital intellectual disability, Shawn has managed to overcome the challenges he faced and pursued his passion for sports. Shawn’s infectious cheery disposition and affectionate demeanour caught onto the other athletes! These athletes demonstrated how sports and social interactions can be inclusive.


Evan Chee said, “It was heartwarming to see so many volunteers, partners and beneficiaries come together as one community to support the cause, and to even interact and understand one another.”


Ben Moreau highlighted the significance of athletes using sports and running to give back to the community thru events such as this. He added, “I’m glad to help in whatever way I can because everyone has a role to play. We can also seek inspiration from those who overcome their challenges in life, like Shaun Goh.” 

Other than the Fun Walk, the Sky Vertical Marathon up the Marina Bay Sands, and the family carnival was part of the charity event. The 4-km Fun Walk along the Waterfront Trail at Marina Bay was flagged off by Guest-of-Honour, Minister (Min) for Social and Family Development (MSF) Mr Tan Chuan-Jin. This is likely to be the last community event for Min Tan, in his capacity as Min MSF. Indeed a suitable swan song, as the event was helmed by the National Council of Social Services (NCSS), a statutory board under the Ministry of Social and Family Development. Min who initiated SG Cares (a national volunteering movement), will be moving onto becoming the 8th Speaker of Parliament in Singapore.

Highlighting the true spirit behind the event was the Chairman of Community Chest, Mr Phillip Tan (right of Min). He said, “At the heart of our community outreach and fundraising efforts is enabling a better quality of life for our beneficiaries. This year, we are involving our beneficiaries to take on more roles at the event. They are no longer just at the receiving end, but are empowered to co-create solutions and self-advocate. It has been a privilege for us to partner like-minded organisations to foster a more caring and inclusive society. Each of us can give back to our community and make Singapore a better place to live in.” 

Mok won – not gold or silver – but hearts and respect in Kuala Lumpur

Press Release for SEA Games 2017 Marathon – Mok Ying Ren

Kuala Lumpur – On the morning of 19 Aug 2017, after 2 hours 44 minutes of intense racing, TeamSG National Marathoner Mok Ying Ren (Managed by ONEathlete) finished strong in the men’s race which ended with a tightly contested 1-2 finish between Indonesia’s Agus Prayogo and Singapore’s Soh Rui Yong, with the latter securing the gold. The Malaysian duo finished 3rd and 4th in an emotion-filled run on home ground.  The sight of Soh and Agus fighting it out in the last lap was a fitting conclusion to what had been an eagerly anticipated race with one of the best marathon field the SEA Games has seen in recent years.

Mok’s finish of 2:44:15 was nearly 18 minutes off his personal best. The 29-year old doctor-marathoner was tested hard by the humid weather and a tactically-dominated race full of surges and changing leads that also saw one of the pre-race favourite, Thailand’s Boonthung Srisung, drop out in the last 10km. The race was conducted in the heart of Putrajaya on a 6-loop rectangular race route with multiple sharp turns.

“I go into every marathon expecting it to be challenging and today was no different. Having just started my surgical resident training I had to work twice, thrice as hard to give my all for this SEA Games. It was an all-out race effort so there is hardly any room for regret. It’s been a long journey and I’m very happy and thankful to have the support of my dearest wife, close friends, family, officials/staff, supporters and sponsors. Behind every athlete, there is a big ‘team’ like this! That’s the best part of this journey. ” said the 29-year-old doctor-athlete who had strived for a 3rd SEA Games gold medal juggling his training with the long hours as a orthopaedic surgical resident in training.

“I’m very humbled by all the supporters from Singapore, Malaysia and the other ASEAN countries! Even more touched by the love from the game host! This is the essence of the SEA Games!” Mok was cheered on by the crowds of supporters who chanted his name in support; and stayed on to take photos and selfie with the double SEA Games Gold medallist. The host country (especially) had certainly opened up their hearts to Singapore’s prolific doctor-marathoner.

A spokesperson from ONEathlete, which manages Mok Ying Ren said that, “It is heartening to see that Mok’s passion for his patients, didn’t deter his shot at his best! Congratulatory messages have been coming in, and we want to thank Singaporeans for such a great showing of support! Mok hopes that more people will lead healthy lives and ‘run with mok’. He is looking forward to engage the running community even more in the near future.” 

Attempting to win his third SEA Games Gold medal under such trying conditions was an emotional moment for Mok, in the months leading up. His immediate priorities after this race will be to move into his new flat and also prepare for his wedding banquet to be held later this year.

Inaugural Bangkok Midnight Marathon ’17

“BMM was definitely a very different and wonderful experience compared to other races, in terms of the electrifying atmosphere and crowd support, professional organisation, the field of runners, and of course the Thai hospitality.” – Evan Chee, 36, an engineering manager by day and diehard Marathoner who finished 4th in SCMS 2016. He is currently managed by ONEathlete.


Bangkok. Midnight. Tightly packed sweaty bodies and pulsing music. Sounds familiar? Think again.


The inaugural Bangkok Midnight Marathon (BMM) flagged off with a bang on 20 May ’17 with 10,000 participants from 30 countries. ONEathlete(s) Evan Chee and Soh Hua Qun were thrilled to be part of this amazing experience and luckily we weren’t fooling around because the Singapore Embassy in Bangkok was following our every move! Read on to find out more!


Right From The Start

First off, getting to the race expo was a breeze. The seamless collection also meant we had plenty of time to check out the sponsor booths who had turned up in full support, like this 360° bullet-time booth feat. Jed, co-founder of RunONE & ONEathlete with his leg in an aircast!


First Of Many Firsts

As this was Hua Qun’s debut at the full marathon and Evan’s first overseas race as an elite runner, it was an eye-opening experience for them to be talking with the other elite runners (think Kenyans and Olympians) who were sharing their training experience as well as race strategies.


Press Conference @ Bangkok Midnight Marathon 2016


Evan, who was a Sundown with Love ambassador at the Singapore Sundown Marathon 2017, is no stranger to marathons and midnight races. For him, an important part of preparing for midnight races is acclimatisation.


“Being a night marathon my approach had to be different from day races like Tokyo Marathon where I achieved my personal best of 2:45. For instance, I schedule my last few trainings late at night to get my body used to running at its otherwise-usual sleeping time.” – Evan


“My last few months of preparation have been quite different. For example, my long runs are much longer, and slower. I also have to pay more attention to injury prevention and recovery, as well as learning about race nutrition. I never had to drink while running in a 800m race!” – Hua Qun


At the stroke of midnight

The IAAF-certified 42.195km course was a simple out-and-back, starting and finishing at the Rama VIII bridge over the Chao Phraya river.


Evan and Hua Qun were joined in the elites start pen by runners like Igor Olefirenko of Ukraine, a Rio Olympian with his marathon best of 2:12:04 and Esther Macharia, former winner at Dublin Marathon, with her marathon best of 2:30:50. The Thai runners were also known to be one of the strongest in Asia. Looks like it was going to be a tough day night at work.


Evan recalled: “I knew it was going to be a hot and humid night race in Bangkok, just like in Singapore. And since we were racing on an elevated highway, I wanted to start conservatively to keep my heart-race in check. Heading into this race I felt pretty good having clocked peak weekly mileage of about 120km”


If all goes well, Evan’s target for a finish under 2:50 with a negative-split (running the second half faster than the first) seemed possible with a strategy that respected the race conditions.


And the Elite Men are off! From left: Evan (in red) and Hua Qun (in orange)


However, at the stroke of midnight, all bets were off as Igor led the Men’s race setting a blistering pace, closely chased by Silas Muturi of Kenya (Marathon best 2:12:38), as well as Bonginkosi Zwane of S. Africa (Half-marathon best 1:05). This threw Evan’s pre-race strategy out as he and Hua Qun were quickly left straggling without a pace group to hang onto.


Evan: “It was mentally challenging from the start, so I had to quickly focus on my race execution and how body was responding, being mindful of hydration and fuelling and reminding myself to be patient.” Unknown to others, Evan was also quietly struggling with an upset stomach and a splitting headache.


Near the 21km mark, the race soon claimed its first victim when cramps forced Igor to retire. Other runners also began to struggle with the heat and pace as Evan overtook them and closed the gap to the lead group towards the closing stages of the race. Meanwhile, Hua Qun, who had a promising start, started having issues with race nutrition.


His day in office just got rougher with every passing kilometre, although he would go on to finish in 6th place. “For me (Hua Qun), it was certainly a great learning experience, though I had certainly higher expectations for myself with my training and preparation. Somedays you win, somedays you learn. I will improve on this and do better in my next race’


Silas Muturi eventually crossed the line in 2:30:32 taking the men’s crown while Esther Macharia won the women’s race in 2:53:17. Evan went on to finish 4th and as top Asian athlete.


Evan, who came in 4th and as top Asian athlete (left) with Men’s Champion Silas Muturi (right)


Back at ONEathlete, we had our own little “runners’ high” when the Singapore Embassy in Bangkok shouted-out to Evan for his strong finish. It took us by surprise, especially Evan who is very humbled and thankful for all the kind words of support, encouragement and advice he’s received from friends and family, especially his sister and fellow runner Yvonne Elizabeth Chee.


It was the icing on the cake as there were many points during the race when Evan remembers being in a ‘deep dark place and simply wished to finish’.


runONE at BMM with our lovely and helpful friends from Thailand


Last but not least, runONE & ONEathlete will like to thank Muse Group Asia (Thailand) and team, P’Pom, P’Tammy, liaison officials N’Sirin & N’Latte, as well as Riduwan & Alan from Muse Group Asia (Singapore) who made a difference in helping our ONEathlete(s) feel at home as much as possible and really eased the nerves at an overseas race.


For more photos, visit Www.facebook.com/runONE/bmm2017/


Marsch Nach Berlin

Coming up next, Evan will be racing in the Berlin Marathon so if any of you readers are also heading to that race, we will love to hear from you! So please drop us a comment to say a quick Hi!


Meanwhile, keep looking out for ONEathlete(s) who will be putting their best foot forward and maybe even running beside you at a local race, ONE step at a time!