ALAM Shaheed

ITF Junior Singles Title Winner

National Tennis Player | @shaheedalam | Managed by ONEathlete


Someone once told Shaheed there are two groups of people in this world – those who do the work, and those who claim the credit. Be the former – there’s much less competition.

For the 19-year old who made ITF Junior history as the first Singaporean male to win a singles title in 2015, tennis has demanded hefty sacrifices but also gave plenty in return. Shaheed exemplifies someone who dreams big and stays motivated, for whom no pain is too great when the sky’s the limit. A healthy disregard for the impossible is what keeps him chasing that rainbow.

Shaheed’s story is about dreams, and he’s still writing it as we go. It’s the courage to dream and carving out a path to make these dreams real. Ever woke up in the middle of the night with a dream so vivid yet it’s cruelly gone when you wake up? Shaheed once confided in his dad his dream to win an ATP title. His dad smiled heartily, knowing the journey will be much harder and longer, but also kind enough to not tell Shaheed. Years later, when Shaheed was considering joining Singapore Sports School to pursue tennis full-time, many said ‘No’, but his dad said, ‘Go.’ When it mattered the most, Shaheed’s dad gave him the best encouragement one could ever get.

At some point we all had a vision of tomorrow – who we aspire to be or how we like our future to be crafted. But eventually the sobriety of reality takes over these once-imagined worlds. Shaheed wants to show and tell the world the exciting possibilities when you don’t lose sight of these magical places. Shaheed’s path trods down one less travelled, but he knows he’s not alone. His family brought him his dreams, and his dreams brought him thus far. Together, with the support of many others, they will bring him further and beyond.



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Key Achievements 

Jul 2017 Men’s Singles Quarter-finalist
KL Open 2017
Mar 2017 Men’s Singles Champion
SEA Invitational 2017
2015 – 2017 Men’s Singles Champion
Singapore Open (2015 – 2017)
Jun 2016 Boys’ Singles Finalist
Singapore ITF Juniors 2016
Feb 2016 Boys’ Singles Semi-finalist
China ITF Juniors 2016
Feb 2016 Boys’ Singles Semi-finalist
Brunei Junior ITF2016
Oct 2015 Boy’s Singles Champion
Singapore ITF Juniors 2015
(First Singaporean to win an ITF Junior Singles title)
Sep 2015 Boys’ Doubles Finalist
India Junior ITF 2015
May 2015 Boys’ Singles Semi-finalist
Northern Marianas ITF Juniors 2015
May 2015 Boys’ Doubles Finalist
Northern Marianas ITF Juniors 2015
May 2015 Boys’ Doubles Champion
ITF Juniors 2015
Feb 2015 Boys’ Doubles Champion
ITF Juniors 2016


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Event Participation 

Aug 2017 SEA Games 2017
2014 – 2017 Davis Cup Participation
Oct 2016 Osaka World Super Junior Tournament Grade A
Jun 2015 SEA Games 2015
May 2011 Longines Future Tennis Aces Tournament in Roland Garros, Paris