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Evan is the kind of guy you’d love to have as your neighbour. The most important thing to Evan is his family and loved ones, whose support and love he treasures deeply. Everything Evan does starts and ends at home. His sister, Yvonne Elizabeth Chee and seasoned runner in her own right, shares Evan’s dedication for running and is his pillar of support when the going gets tough.

Evan’s close friends would call him a skinny monkey (haha) and looking at him now most would never have guessed that he was 69.9kg at one point after a bad ankle sprain and a traffic accident. He had to work his way back to running fitness bit by bit over 10 months and it was one of the hardest things he’s had to do. Second toughest? Waking up at 5am so he can finish his training in time for work.

Evan loves running because it’s allowed him to achieve what he thought was impossible, opening doors within himself that he hadn’t know existed. So now he wants to help others see that they can achieve whatever it is they set their mind on. That ‘impossible is nothing’ to unabashedly quote one of his sponsors. He wants to use the voice that running has given him, to reach out to more people and hopefully let the stories continue inspiring others and helping those who are in need.


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Key Achievements 

20 May 2017 4th Elite Category,
Bangkok Midnight Marathon 2017 (Top Asian)
Feb 2017 Personal Best 2:45hr
(Tokyo Marathon 2017)
Dec 2016 4th Local Category,
Standard Charted Marathon Singapore 2016
Dec 2015 3rd Local Category,
Standard Charted Marathon Singapore 2015
Dec 2015 Men Open Champion,
Mizuno MR 25 Ultra Marathon 2015


Features on Media: 

22 May 2017 Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Singapore)
22 May 2017 Singapore Embassy in Bangkok
21 May 2017 The Straits Times :
Chee is best Asian at Bangkok marathon
05 Apr 2016 The Straits Times :
Long runs keep him going, and going…
01 Jan 2016 Flexi Fitness :
Champion of Mizuno MR 25 Ultra Marathon 2015 – An Interview


Event Participation 

20 May 2017 Elite Category,
Bangkok Midnight Marathon 2017
12 May 2017 Rising Together Baton Relay 2017
(In conjunction with SEA Games)
Mar 2017 Ambassador,
Sundown Marathon 2017