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Ashley Liew is a Team Singapore national marathoner (2-time Southeast Asian Games representative), aspiring Olympian, and a Doctor of Chiropractic. He transcended his humble beginnings from overweight non-sportsman into the inspiration he is today. He credits his parents for championing values that were crucial to his 24kg weight loss, as well as the transformation from 4h29m34s to 2h32m12s marathoner. He is also an assistant athletics coach that seeks to bring out the best athletic potential in children and youth. His “why” in life is not only to maximize his own health potential that he has been blessed with but more importantly to help fulfill the optimum individual potential in others. Click image to watch:



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Key Achievements 

25 Jan 2015 Overall 2nd
Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans Marathon
7 June 2015 Overall 8th
SEA Games Marathon (Singapore)
16 Dec 2013 Overall 8th
SEA Games Marathon (Myanmar)
2 Dec 2012 Local 1st
Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore
22 Apr 2012 Overall 1st
Run350 Half Marathon (Singapore)


Features on Media

16 Sep 2016 Channel Newsasia:
Marathoner Ashley Liew first Singaporean to receive international fair play accolade
16 Sep 2016 Straits Times:
Marathoner Ashley Liew receives top international fair play award for his act of sportsmanship at 2015 SEA Games
17 Jun 2016 Channel Newsasia:
SNOC to honour rhythmic gymnastics coach Zhu Xiaoping and marathoner Ashley Liew
10 Jun 2015 Today:
Liew shows what real class is
9 Dec 2012 Sunday Times:
Many sacrifices but he gains self-belief
3 Dec 2012 Straits Times:
Liew is the new leader of the pack
22 Dec 2011 Straits Times (Mind Your Body):
His road to happiness

Event Participation 

1 July 2012 2h35m40s (18th male),
Gold Coast Airport Marathon
26 Feb 2017 2h38m30s (362nd male),
Tokyo Marathon
25 Sep 2016 2h38m39s,
Berlin Marathon
12 Oct 2014 2h35m39s (118th male),
Chicago Marathon
12 Oct 2014 2h44m07s (411th male),
Boston Marathon