Triple SEA Games Medallist (2 Silver, 1 Bronze)
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Before the start of any hockey match, Yi Ru’s always hanging around one of the junior players. The jitters hits everyone all the time, but the younger ones have it worse. Some become quiet, others more chatty. After the team pep talk, there will be questions, encouragement, sometimes nervous jokes. But soon, they will all be speaking the same tongue. The language of teamwork that Yi Ru has spent years learning and loving.

“Teammates don’t always have to like each other, but they must always trust and believe that together they are bigger, stronger, better.” A house is just a house but family means home. Hockey is the band of brothers that has been with Yi Ru for the last 14 years, through blood and sweat, pain and tears. Hockey has seen him through the rites of passage from a teenager to a fine young man. The challenge of forging a strong and united team is not lost on the veteran national hockey player. While Yi Ru might have scored the first goal for Singapore at the 2009 Junior’s World Cup, he’s never forgotten that hockey is a game of 11-man teams.

In a match there are quantifiable metrics to tell how good a hockey player is: goals, assists, saves. But off the field it becomes vague. This is why Yi Ru hopes that by putting a name and face to it, he can show there are no limits except that which you impose upon yourself, and give shape to values like discipline and perseverance. “You can’t be what you can’t see.” The husband-to-be and patriarch of his hockey family walks the talk when he says that sports is one of the greatest teacher in life and in bringing out the best in generations to come.

“My love for hockey grew because of the support of my teammates and the patience, guidance, and attention of my coaches. It gives me great pride to be a Team Singapore athlete and I am thankful for the opportunity to compete with and against elite athletes from all over the world. Without the support from my family, teammates and fellow Singaporeans, I would not be where I am today.”

Currently also a coach for various youth developmental squads including his alma mater, Xishan Primary, and Hwa Chong Institution, Yi Ru has his sights firmly set on a brighter future for the sport and his ‘families’.


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Key Achievements 

29 Aug 2017 2nd Runner-Up – Mens Category,
29th South East Asian Games (Hockey)
2 Feb 2016 1st Runner-Up – Mens Category,
Asia Pacific Championship 2016 (Floorball)
20 Jun 2015 1st Runner-Up – Mens Category,
28th South East Asian Games (Hockey)


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Event Participation 

29 Aug 2017 28th South East Asian Games (Hockey)
12 Nov 2016 Men’s World Championship (Floorball)
2 Feb 2016 Asia Pacific Championship 2016 (Floorball)
20 Jun 2015 28th South East Asian Games (Hockey)