Relay Majulah 2019

8 days between 2 November Saturday to 10 November Sunday 2019

Training Programme

ONE is participating in the Relay Majulah 2019 and have designed a training programme for the Relay Majulah 200 runners to help prepare everyone over the next one month!

Designed specially for Relay Majulah’s 200 Runners by Ashley Liew (ONEathlete).
Click here to refer to the training glossary!

Week 1 : 7 Oct – 13 Oct

Week 2 : 14 Oct – 20 Oct

Week 3 : 21 Oct – 27 Oct

Week 4 : 28 Oct – 3 Nov ++

General Guidelines:

  • Listen to your body: If you suspect impending injury or burnout, modify, reduce, or stop the training session. Live to run another day.
  • Go easy or take a rest the day after a hard or long run: Your body and mind needs to recover from the run effort.
  • Flexibility: Feel free to adjust the training plan depending on your schedule and priorities, especially on days where the suggested run training is “optional”.
  • Strengthen your core: Consider incorporating 30sec-1 minute front and side plank holds (1 set of 3 repetitions) once-a-week, to improve your running form and efficiency. Plank repetitions and duration can be modified based on individual fitness level.
  • Warm-up and cool-down: Always include this routine, especially before and after a hard or long run.
  • Tapering: Bring down your mileage and workout intensity during the last week of your training, to save your body and mind for the actual day’s effort.
  • Pace yourself: During the relay segment you will likely have fresh running legs and be mentally excited, but avoid the temptation to push too hard too soon. Instead, go for a consistent and sustainable pace.
  • Not sure what the above mean? Click HERE
  • Want to be more precise? Click HERE.


By Mok Ying Ren, Double SEA Games Gold Medalist & ONEathlete.
Read more on race preparations, hydration tips and the race do’s/dont’s.
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Types of Runs

  • Easy Run: Able to have a conversation during the run (do NOT run too fast).
    • Instead, encourage running together and talking to one another!
    • Perhaps split into 2 groups. Do not make it competitive.
  • Hard Run: Able to only speak in words during the Run.
    • Warm up together for 10minutes.
    • Regroup, use a whistle to signal the start of the hard portion. Everyone runs at their own pace for the time given.
    • Once time is up, blow the whistle. Boys at the front U-turn and regroup.
    • When it is time to do the next set, everyone should start together and the cycle repeats.
  • Moderate Run: Able to speak in phrases.

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