Training Glossary

Easy Run

Purpose: To build the aerobic running system, training your heart and muscles to adapt to the distance patiently.

How: Be able to have a conversation during the run. If alone, try reciting the Singapore pledge. You should be able to do this comfortably


Purpose: Rest allows the body to get stronger

How: Spend this day completing other tasks in your life. Put running on the back seat.


Purpose: To introduce intensity to train different energy systems.

How: Pacing by feel is key.  If the workout calls for 8 sets of 1min Hard and 1min Easy, start off the first repeat at a comfortable effort so that you can still finish the last one strong. You may not get the first try correct i.e. you may go too hard at the start and feel too fatigue at the end. Start slower the next time you attempt this workout. Sandwich each set with a 10min easy warm up and a 10min easy cool down.

Hard Intensity: A hard effort can only be sustained for a maximum of 15minutes. You should only be able to speak in words when running at this intensity

Moderate Intensity: You can sustain this effort for up to an hour. You should only be able to speak in phrases when running at this intensity

Pace RunsPace

Purpose: To help you get used to the feeling of race pace

How: Run at target race pace for these runs. Remember that there will be plenty of trial and error as no one is able to tell you your exact race pace. Train regularly with pacers and get a feel of the pace. Ask yourself if you can sustain this for an entire race. Your own body will tell you your answer. Remember to err on the side of caution if this is your first race. Go for a slower target race pace.

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